2017 looks like an exciting year!

We keep getting great feedback on the first book:  The Art of Infrastructure Design.

It means a lot to us authors, so if it has helped you, please let us know.

Which is why we are so excited for 2017.
We have books in the works that we believe will be invaluable for those looking to better themselves professionally through IT strategies, certifications, and new methodologies in managing and deploying application or hybrid cloud solutions!

I’d love to give you a peek at what we see behind the scenes, but that will have to wait…. legalese and all….

The authors working to contribute to this series are hard at work to share THEIR knowledge with you, and hopefully, make your day to day IT lives easier…..

Have something you’d like to see included as an IT Architect Series book?  Let us know…..in the meantime….we are looking forward to what this year will include in the IT Architect Series

First Downloadable Content

So we have started to get the backend ready for downloadable content.  This took a bit, because we really wanted to make it simple for Registered Users on this site to get content.

Once you are logged into this site, you will see a new Link in the header for Downloads & Resources.

This is where we will add content for Registered Users.

Right now, just a simple page, with only 1 download available…a PowerPoint Presentation made by Tim Antonowicz, to use as a template for creating your own presentation.

More coming.

Feedback welcomed on what YOU think should be in this area for Registered Users.

IT Architecture Series

Welcome to IT Architecture Series, we are currently at VMworld, promoting our book, meeting the audience, and having a great time!

You will see this site mature over the next few weeks, and you will see content added to download (albeit, a bit at a time).

Sign up for an account, get involved with the community, and be ready to share ideas, critique content, and maybe even write a book under the series to enable and help others!


Enabling the IT Architects of the Future