About Us

The world of infrastructure continues to evolve. As it does, there are both aspiring and experienced individuals developing, deploying, and supporting traditional and new types of infrastructures. We have evolving virtual and cloud solutions that continue to mature, while introducing new challenges and new players in this area.

Infrastructure design involves much more than technology. Just because something is built and running does not mean it is easy to use, or is adaptable to evolving business needs. IT Architects must deal with multiple vendors, technologies, skills, people, and process in a way to seamlessly support the needs of a business.

John Yani Arrasjid (VCDX-001) and Mark Gabryjelski (VCDX-23) took the journey and achieved one of the most recognized certifications in this space. They talked to publishers but could not find one that recognized the value of a series of books for IT Architects, so they created their own. In addition, they provided a more author friendly environment that provided greater benefits to the authors.

The first book in the series, Foundation in the Art of Infrastructure Design, was the start of this series, formed under IT Architect Resource, LLC. The goal was to provide a missing source of information and reference for both established architects, and those looking to become an architect.

Most of the books in the series include the three stages of design. Conceptual models are developed during the initial gathering of input, and with design discussions to develop the customer’s perspective and vision. Logical designs lay out technical and operational capabilities and a framework to select products and configurations. The physical model and design lay out the details of the technology, configurations, and operations. These three stages allow for interactive dialogue with the business teams to reach consensus on a solution supporting the needs of today and the future.

The latest books in the series provides details in specific domains that we believe provide additional value. In each book we include stories, examples, recommendations, and exercises. The series of books support the training and are a reference source on your journey of as an IT architect.

We started the series, as there is currently no other series of books that focuses on the approaches to datacenter and cloud strategies.

We will have 2 goals in the IT Architect Series…

Provide a brand of books (ITA Series) that focuses on the approach, rather than the details of specific technologies, to solve/meet requirements of IT operations .

Provide a simple way for authors who wish to write content meeting Goal 1  to get their works published and available to the community quickly, without the restrictions of traditional publishers.
(While not a publishing house, we want to take the complexity away from the authors so they can focus on delivering great content!)

We encourage feedback on what you would like to see added to the series. For a full list of series books, to share your feedback, and to join the growing list of authors, please see www.itaseries.com. We look forward to hearing from you!