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This is up and coming, but currently, you can find John Arrasjid and Mark Gabryjelski on Twitter….



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  1. John / Mark / Chris,

    After waiting for it for what seemed like years I’ve really enjoyed your book so far. Its one of my primary resources helping me to get ready for a new job that is really going to challenge me and call for a lot of the knowlege in this book. Thanks again.

    One thing I was hoping was that for people who purchase the book, there might be an option to download a zip file with some visio templates that are used for the various diagrams in the book. Is this currently an option or might it be an option in the future?
    If there were some visio templates of fictional logical and physical designs that pertain to the network, storage and compute infrastructures that could be downloaded with a code from the book, it might be a big value add.

    Just sending $0.02.

    Thanks again for the great contribution to the community through this book.


  2. Those are the tings that are coming for the registered users.
    John Arrasjid & I are working on getting the first download out now, and making sure the process is in place to make it easy for everyone to get these files.

    Give it a shot, let us know.
    We are waiting for feedback before making the rest of the content available.

  3. Hi, My name is Javier, an IT Architect from spain working at

    I’d like to help you (if you want), in order to translate the book to Spanish. There is no good info like yours in my idiom and could be good for sell to people like me and comunity. There are good architects in spain but very bad info to learn about design.

    Congratultions for your amazing book!

    Please, let me now it we can colaborate together in the translate.

    Regards 😉

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