Matthieu Braga

Matthieu Braga is currently a lead Site Reliability Engineer at UKG (formerly Kronos), working on organizational re-alignment across multiple business units within both private and public cloud offerings. Matt has been with UKG for the past 7 years, having previously worked in the roles of Virtualization Engineer, Tech Lead, and Cloud Architect during his tenure at UKG.

Prior to UKG, Matt has worked in numerous roles at other companies, including desktop support, platform engineering, accounting, and warehouse shipping 😊.  

Matt is passionate about cross team collaboration and openness that is free from “silos of knowledge”. He feels that often the best ideas and strategies emerge from incorporating the ideas of junior, less experienced team members, whose thinking and approaches are not shaped by pre-determined experiences and years of applying “best practices”.

When not working, Matt enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and two children. His interests include winter sports, video games, Frank Herbert’s Dune, as well as UFOlogy and anything to do with aliens.      

Matt can be contacted on twitter via @type1diab3t1c