Paul Cradduck

I live in Cincinnati, OH with my amazing wife of 14 years and my daughter Arlo. I have been into “IT” and all things electronic since I was old enough to push buttons. Button pushing by the way is the best way to learn what a button does, and that has gotten me into more than my fair share of trouble.

I have loved “IT” since my early days editing lines of code in a file to free up enough RAM to play games on my first PC. I have also been into troubleshooting and design since reinstalling sound card drives on widows 3.1 after I messed them up.

In more recent years I have grown to love virtualization and architecture was honored to have passed my VCDX and be welcomed into the community as number 244. Since then, I have come to embrace and love all things cloud and automation as I no longer want to have to spend hours racking servers just to bring up a single application. I have had the joy of being able to work on all sides of IT, including client, vendor and value-added reseller (VAR).